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Measurement is a critical part of your quality improvement journey.

Measurement can present many challenges. This site has been designed to support your clinic and help integrate measurement into your day-to-day processes, so you can effectively and easily understand your practice data and monitor the impact of the changes you are making.

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  • Track key improvement measures intuitively in one convenient and customized location.
  • Track specific measurables such as supply, demand, activity, third next available appointments, no-show rates, continuity of care, and octane.
  • See the impacts of the changes you are testing.
  • Communicate improvements to patients and staff using graphs.
  • Identify new opportunities for improvement through graphs and measures.
  • Share data with peers by creating custom groups.
  • Access current provincial CPR(™) data quickly and easily.

Getting Started

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  2. Develop

    Develop and test a measurement plan in your clinic.

  3. Data Entry

    Start entering your data.

  4. Tracking

    Tracking improvements using your data!

Did you know?

Geographic coaches are available to help Saskatchewan practices form improvement teams and work through Clinical Practice Redesign™. If you are interested in being matched with a coach contact the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council.

Learn more about the Clinical Practice Redesign™ Initiative www.hqc.sk.ca/cpr