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Your contact information will only be used to verify your clinic location and to follow-up with you regarding any further support we can provide. This helps us provide the best support possible and ensure the quality of data entered. Your clinic's data and contact information will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

All information is stored on a secure server. Data that is entered is aggregated and used for provincial reporting - no individual clinic level data is identified in provincial reports. The provincial reporting information will not be available for display for comparison against clinic level data unless three or more clinics are reporting data.

The CPR™ Initiative is responsible to inform its stakeholders on its progress and results. One way is to report the combined results of the clinics’ measurements. There will be no identifying clinic or provider information. It is possible that similar clinic groups may be graphed together. For example: information about similar specialties may be grouped together or primary care providers may be linked geographically.